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Youngtown Primary School
Mission and Values Statements

Our Vision

Inspired Today - Prepared for Tomorrow

Our Mission

To inspire our children to be the very best they can be, and to prepare them with the skills, understandings and personal attributes to thrive in their lives today and into an ever-changing future.

  • To harness the combined influence of school, parents, and the broader community as the means through which children achieve their full potential.
  • To be deliberate in nurturing positive personal values such as honesty, compassion and respect.
  • To be uncompromising in our focus on the academic, social, emotional and physical growth of each child.
  • To promote opportunities to pursue personal passions and strengths so our children grow a self-confidence which fuels a lifelong desire for learning.
  • To powerfully develop and refine children’s fluency in literacy, numeracy, solution finding, collaboration, creativity, information, and media.
  • To inspire our children through expert, passionate teaching that capitalises on their inherent curiosity, interests and motivations.

Our Values


We value:

  • opportunities to grow
  • striving to improve and understand
  • learning that is personally relevant, engaging and fun
  • learning from and with others


We value:

  • good friendships and a friendly manner
  • partnering with parents to achieve the best outcomes for children
  • collaborating to deliver quality outcomes
  • working restoratively in ways that promote respect, trust and belonging


We value:

  • honesty, trustworthiness and fair treatment of one another
  • the courage to do the right thing
  • taking personal responsibility for our own actions
  • approaching things positively


We value:

  • empathy and emotional awareness
  • acting with forgiveness
  • caring and doing for others

Creativity and Innovation

We value:

  • the freedom to explore, question, share and try ideas
  • opportunities to be creative
  • the challenge of finding answers to our questions


Our Strategic Plan

Click here to view our Strategic Plan 2014 - 2017